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A Bunny's Tale 
--By Clemstra--
Copyright 2003
"Okay kids, what shall we tell you?" 

"We want to know how Bunny came to us," they chanted. 

The man and woman looked down at the children, "Okay,"
said the woman.  "I have to get Bunny ready, but your father 
can tell you the tale of how she came to us." 

The men/ogre creatures were still laughing, cackling and Bunny
was getting bored, even sleepy.   Not to mention it was cold
and Bunny's nipples were freezing.  The Men/Ogre's had dug her 
up from hibernation and so far they hadn't wanted either sex 
or to eat her. Perhaps they were not quite aware of what she was? 
She asked, were they aware she was a multi, one of those evolved
towards the light, that is in the intermediate state between 
mortal and immortal?  In her case possessing more then a million 
lives/re-embodiments. They gave her a "Huh."  Sighing she stated 
it in simpler terms they might understand. 

"you know, my people have more then one life, we need to get rid 
of energy?" 

"Huh" they responded. 

Bunny further simplified, "We need to get eaten every now and then.
You can eat us more then once, we may even become immortal, maybe?" 

They scratched their heads then smiled, "eat you" they said. 

Bunny smiled, they had got it "yes, you can eat me." 

"Bunny girl," they chimed gleefully. 
"Well, my type of multi does have bunny like features prefering
earthen homes, thus my tail and ears like a bunny, but otherwise
I'm a human woman."
"Eat you," they chimed. 

Bunny sighed again with a flick of her fluffy bunny tail.  Okay, 
these were pretty simplistic.  She wondered if they even knew 
about cooking, but they had clothing so they must know how to 
at least dress themselves. 

"Yes, eat me," Bunny said.  "You dug me out of a hibernative 
state so at least eat me." 

They were confused again, Bunny tried make it simple for them. 
"Eat me, okay just eat me." 

They smiled and finally grabbed her, but instead of eating her, they
started laughing and cackling about how yummy she would be. Bunny hoped
this was not an indication of all of her new neighbors in this part of
the forest. 
She'd moved here because of the big carnivorous tree. Come
spring she would let the tree eat her, thus proving friendship and a 
mutual alliance. That done she would build an underground house under
the tree's deadly reach, which would be a good protection for 
her, except in winter.  Like now for instance.  It was winter,
the tree was asleep and these @#%^% had woke her out of a sound 
hibernation without eating her.

Bunny wondered if they needed encouragement. Perhaps they needed 
to know she was one of the willing prey types. It was cold, she 
was shivering.  She started pointing out her features, guiding 
their hands to parts of her body so they could see how yummy she

"See, yummy soft breasts, with a good amount of meat to fat 
ratio and plentiful portions.  Soft yummy arms, yummy fingers," 
she waved her fingers in front of them. "Good ribs, soft stomach 
flesh, fine soft tender thighs, excellent rump roast."  They clapped
at her presentation but did not seem to want to eat her. 

"Okay," said Bunny in a now dangerous sounding voice, her bunny
ears moving down in anger. The tone of her seemed angry, making
them move back. 

"You dug me up out of a sound sleep and will not eat me.  Why?" 
She screamed? 

"Not hungry," said their apparent leader. 

"Not hungry, NOT HUNGRY," shouted Bunny.  "Why did you dig me
up then?"

"Wanted to see Bunny girl, pet you, never had a pet before,"
they explained. 

"Okay," she said apparently taking this in.  "that's IT, Die, 
die teasing scum."  She yelled jumping at them with clear intent. 

The men/ogre creatures started moving back fast, then seemed to
remember that they were in fact bigger then her. Bigger, but maybe
the Bunny creature was really mean.  They started to run again. 
Bunny started to leap at the leader with what looked like a really
deadly foot maneuver. No one had told him Bunny people could be 
mean. He thought they were cute, cuddly, fun, sexy and most of 
all yummy. Now the Bunny girl was going berserk on them. 

Suddenly something wrapped itself around Bunny just as her foot
was about to make a nasty indentation on the leader of the 
men/ogre's face. Bunny found herself twirled around to face a 
man on horseback with a whip. 

"What's going on here," said the well dressed, clean and 
finely manicured man with handsome features. 
"Bunny woman try to hurt us," said the men/ogre creatures. 

The man looked at her, his light brown eyes questioning her.

"They dug me out of hibernation, teased me, and would not
eat me," said Bunny. 

"Okay, I can see the problem here," he said.  "Guys," he 
addressed the men/ogre creatures, "I'll handle this, but you
had best leave for the moment."

"Want to pet Bunny," they said with pathetic need.

"Don't think that would be wise right now, Bunny is obviously very 

The men/ogre creatures sadly turned and trudged into the forest. 

"Sorry about that," he said unwrapping his whip from Bunny's body. 
"They really don't mean any harm, their just so child like sometimes."

Bunny shivered in the cold, "I'm sorry too, it's just I'm" and 
Bunny sniffled a bit. 

"Oh, I'm sorry, your cold and in need," he said.  "Tell you what,
why don't I take you to my house, my wife and I can fix you up
proper, pop you in a big oven then eat you?"

"Your not teasing me are you," a now almost sobbing Bunny asked?

"No, no, really you look simply delicious.  We would even like
to play with you." 

"Well," said Bunny, "I've never really had sex with another 
woman before, just men." 

"Well, maybe you can decide when you meet my wife, you know
nothing's carved in stone," he replied.  "Let's get you home
first though" and he wrapped a nice silk cloak around the
shivering Bunny. 

He brought her home, his wife was delighted. "Bunny honey," she 
said.  "I understand those meanies were teasing poor soft, yummy
so fun looking Bunny."   She stroked Bunny's ears, Bunny's soft
blonde hair and body.  Bunny felt herself stir sexually and
decided to give this thing a chance.
So the nice young man and his wife started playing with Bunny.
They stroked her body to a fine high pitch, then the man had
sex with Bunny from behind while his wife played with Bunny's
nice breast roasts.  They showed Bunny the nice kitchen. 
They prepared Bunny with great style, something Bunny greatly
enjoyed.  Then Bunny, all nicely seasoned, with potatoes and
carrots surrounding her, an apple in her mouth, went into 
the nice warm oven to bake.  While Bunny baked, the man and 
wife then made love on the kitchen table.  They ate Bunny for
dinner that night, she was the yummiest thing they had ever 
eaten. They told Bunny this while they ate her. They told 
Bunny this once she got her new body and stood before them.
They then invited Bunny to come to bed with them, for they had
a very big soft bed that would easily fit three. Bunny was a 
nice, soft addition to their bedroom. In the morning they 
convinced Bunny to stay with them.  For it was still winter,
cold...brrrrr, and wasn't this so much better then hibernating.
Bunny stayed the winter. 

In the spring they pointed out to Bunny that she could just
as easily study plants and bugs, (entomology) from their house
in the forest as she could from the big, bunny people eating tree.
Would not Bunny's people be just as impressed by her scholarly
pursuits from their house as from one Bunny might make underground?
Bunny stayed with them.  Then the man's wife had babies, and Bunny
helped them raise the babies, falling in love with them herself. 

"And that children," said the man, "is how Bunny came to live with 
us and is still with us today." 

The children clapped their hands as their mother came in.  "Bunny 
in the oven," they chimed. 

"Yes dear's, Bunny's in the oven baking.  It is after all Spring, 
Easter to be precise.  What would Easter be without an Easter 
Bunny in the oven."  They all agreed, as they gleefully went Easter
egg hunting.

Bunny was as always, absolutely yummy for dinner that night!