warning:adult content

nikkis is just a lil spot to stash some stuff, more active goings on my more active sites.

10/27/2010:heres the Roast.. a lil fem/m/can.

03/22/2010:BabaYaga is posted, its another cute lil sveta story, came out quite nice.

I have a link to a femcan site Our Secret Kitchen involving roasting and such, if anyone else has something they want linked here drop me a note.

11/11/2009:here"s that femcan story at last... elf girls this time, hungry ones.

03/01/2009:And here"s a couple more comics with a more female orientation. BTW, I still owe someone another sequal of sorts [in spirit] to the "invitation" story involving um.. elves or something. Will be showing up in a month or so probably.

12/8/2008:Heres a bit more fem/can, the second part of the invitation story, will be having a few more comics here in the next couple of months.

7/17/2008:Heres a big batch of stuff [let me know if anything is broken or missing], a couple of Sveta stories i hadnt posted and a batch of fem-can... there will be a 2nd part to the invitation btw, in which she actually does invite over her friends.

Annnd, heres a link to a illustrated story [not by me] involving fictional characters meeting their demise and another to Abraxas Garden of Sadistic Delights anyone else want a link let me know. -mamabliss

'It's time to skewer the roast!' a lil fem/m/can
'my, what big boobies you have my dear!' BabaYaga likes boobies... in soup!
the House
a couple of fellows meet their fate at the hands of a pack of hungry elf girls.
a minor riff on the 'having a couple of friends over for a good meal theme.
Special Treats
'oh dear, i dont have any candy for you' ..its the big breasted Pamelas turn to pass out the treats this year.
Available Busoms
'so cute and perky, i have to slice them off right now!'
the Invitation part two
the blond hostess invites a couple of her friends over to help.
the Invitation
'i really must ask you inside' ...a woman gives an inquisitive young man a serious once over.
'just perfect!' ..a hungry housewife gets a delivery.
a bevy of girls suprise a fellow with an invitation to [be] dinner..
the Report
--scenario by Sveta'--
the news must go out! even from a large stewpot.
--scenario by Sveta'--
our heroine meets an untimely though tasty end.
Soups On!
the savages are at it again...
Chicken Tonight
a bit of culinary cannibalism...
some ogres invite some elves for dinner. Ogres it should be noted are not the most polite of hosts so it gets a little messy.
The dinner Invitation
--scenario by Bartaugh--
An elf gets invited to dinner by a minotaur and his elfboy friends, he is roasted and eaten but not before they get him juiced up with lots of elfboy sex.
--scenario by Sveta'--
Once apon a time there was hungry ogre...
--scenario by Sveta'--
A girl  is invited to stay for thanksgiving diner at the fish home...
Explore Kanima!
--scenario by Sveta'--
our heroine is off to do some siteseeing on the planet of Kanima, the aliens it seems have other intentions...
--scenario by Sveta'--
A couple of russian 'au pairs' are off to tutor the natives...
The princess and the Ogress
--scenario by Sveta'--
a princess and her two serving girls get roasted and served for dinner by a culinary ogress.... 
A Bunny Tale
--story by Clemstra--
a story starring Bunny, the extremely edible bunny girl.